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If you're looking for more information about a past wine or it's vintage, click below to browse our catalogue of older tasting notes.

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These wines are testament to the dedication and hard work required to build a winery from the ground up - the experience, the knowledge, the style - from the very first cuttings, through to each premium wine that is selected to sit within the Shottesbrooke range.

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TIDE CHASER by Shottesbrooke

Forever Searching...

"No rules, no boundaries and no hesitation. The freedom of the ocean is our ultimate inspiration."

Just as the tides ebb and flow, ever-changing and beautiful, hiding an ultimate beauty beneath their restless waves - winemakers too must continuously move and evolve, facing each challenge on the path to uncovering perfection. And like the changing tides, no wine is ever the same - each one its own tale of wonder.

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Strictly from our Shottesbrooke-owned and managed vineyards, the Estate Series range of wines proudly sit at the heart of what we do here at Shottesbrooke. It is our commitment to produce exceptional wines, truly reflective of their origin, which offer a fundamental sense of place.


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From the defined borders of our oldest and finest vineyard blocks, the Single Vineyard Series showcases the translation from terroir into wines of unique style and flavour.

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Pinnacles of the Shottesbrooke range, and released only in years of outstanding quality, the Reserve Series denotes wines of special character. McLaren Vale icons identified by their exceptional elegance and their potential to age with grace and grandeur.

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First planted by founder, Nick Holmes, over 30 years ago, today Shottesbrooke is proudly an estate grown and managed boutique winery. In the year 1337, one of the great knights of England, Sir William de Trussell,
commissioned the construction of the Shottesbrooke church. Famous for his indulgent lifestyle, he sought to appease his critics with this generous contribution to the parish. Centuries later, from 1905 to 1926, Nick's grandfather was vicar of this very church. As a toast to this rich heritage, it is this beautiful building from which our winery takes its name. 

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Cabernet Sauvignon



Stoic and enduring, the Straw Necked Ibis is the ultimate Farmer's Friend. Protecting our vineyards from the omnipresent threat of pests and insects, they work diligently within the canopies, allowing them to thrive. Their harmonious place within our ecosystem forms the perfect partnership.

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ENGINE ROOM by Hamish Maguire


In addition to our Shottesbrooke label, we also craft the Engine Room range of wines exclusively for our partner, Naked Wines.

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